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  • Patricia Chen

Screening at Authentication in Art Congress 2016

The 24-Hour Art Practice was invited to screen at a gathering of art historians, authenticators and art experts at The Authentication in Art Congress 2016 from May 11-13, 2016 in The Hague in The Netherlands. The film was met with the warmest response. The audience were from different countries in Europe (even Iceland), UK, America, and Egypt. I met with an audience who could not only identify with the story of passion but were equally empathetic about the issues presented in the film. I just love the Dutch response, jumping right into action mode, immediately asking what i would like to see happen going forward and how they can help to change the status quo.

Many saw in Dr. Oei, a character they feel they know in their daily interactions with clients. The conundrum of authenticity in art in Indonesia that was presented in the film they said may be specific to Indonesia, but are universal in many respects.

I also had a chance to sit through the most insightful sessions on how experts are developing technology to help understand pigment degradation (fantastic session by Jennifer Mass) and imaging techniques (Pascal Cotte) to spot fakes, on how art and the legal worlds should start speaking more to each other and understand each other's language and on how we are really in the beginning of an exciting journey in pulling together scientists, art historians and conservators (and lawyers) to bust art crimes. I have made new friends, and had the most wonderful time having beer on outdoor pavement and having evening walk through medieval courtyards.

Many thanks to Milko Den Leeuw for programming a film from Southeast Asia and Megan Aldrige from the Sotheby's Institute for the introduction.

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