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Screening and discussion @ Straits Clan Singapore

Dr. Oei Hong Djien: The 24-Hour Art Practice (2021 edition)

Uli Sigg: China's Art Missionary (2021 edition)

I was thrilled to be able to share these two film projects to a packed audience 2 nights

ago. Because of safe distancing measures, we couldn't cater to many people on the

waitlist. Sincere apologies.

Come to think about it, these 2 film projects started exactly 10 years ago, in 2011.

Although they first premiered in shorter versions in 2014 and 2015, they continue to

be updated & shared all over the world including Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia,

The Netherlands, & France. I said to the audience that night, looking

back, I am thankful that my grant applications to NAC on the two films were

rejected back in 2012. Without financial resources, I was forced to learn editing,

camera work, & acquire experience in working as a one-man band, even on multiple

cameras. It forced me to be nimble & self sufficient. This has opened up new

possibilities of telling their stories & allowed me to capture significant developments on

the fly. I would not want to do it any other way.

Do you know the 2 films were first shot in 2012? That was during the "old" Hong Kong

order. In the new edit, I poured through hundreds of video reportage on the protests

in Hong Kong & spliced in some of Uli Sigg's responses I have shot over the years.

These newer developments were added as additional clips & not as part of Uli's film &

were shown for the first time. Many audience members have individually come to me to

say how, as they watched the situation progressively deteriorate, their heart broke a

little for the people of Hong Kong & for Uli Sigg.

Dr Oei, with the additional footage, showed himself to be a fighter in life. The new

footage attests to his zest for life, even at 82. Thank you Straits Clan for the opportunity to

share these film projects. My gratitude extends to Louis Ho @magicmoistness, for

guiding the 1.5 hour discussion & to everyone who took time to come.


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