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The 24-Hour Art Practice is mentioned in a book by Georgina Adam

Saw this new book by Georgina Adam, Dark Side of the Boom, at the Tate Museum bookshop and found a paragraph on my film, The 24-Hour Art Practice, that she caught when it premiered at Authenticity in Art Congress 2016 in The Hague. Made my day, thank you @georginacadam .

"In Indonesia, a 2014 film by Patricia Chen, The 24 Hour Art Practice,

tracked the collection of the country's tobacco mogul Dr Oei Hong

Djien, who has established three private museums for his vast collec-

tion of contemporary Indonesian art. But a book launched by a rival

Indonesian Art Lovers Association (PPSI), entitled Jejak Lukisan Palsu

Indonesia (Tracing Fake Indonesian Paintings), openly questioned the

authenticity of his collection, claiming it was full of counterfeits."

Speaking to Chen, Dr Oei did not deny he could have fakes, saying no

collector has perfect judgement; however, he also said that he would only

accept that the works were fakes if the forger demonstrated the execu-

tion of the exact same painting right before his eyes - which was never

tested.4 Chen presented both sides of the problem, but says she was threatened and her film was suddenly pulled from its first showing in Singapore in 2015 for reasons that she was unable to explain fully."

It reminded me why i continue to make these films and make them independently — to reveal and allow for critical discussions the workings of art scenes and societies through lenses of individuals who have given their lives to art. Thanks to Hong Djien Oei and OHD museum for sharing your life and story.

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