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Updating the film in Yogjakarta

April 27, 2019

Spent a week in Yogjakarta on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Dr. Oei, the subject of The 24-HPictured with the birthday boy here on his 80th birthday. I’m here in Yogjakarta to check out the city-wide, month-long series of 15 exhibitions more than 150 artists have put together as a tribute to art collector, Hong Djien Oei . Dr Oei has been an early and fervent patron of Indonesian art over the last 30+ years. Now just how rare is this? I’m here to interview artists and capture footage to add another scene to my film, The 24-Hour Art Practice. Of course Dr Oei does not look or behave his age, and one continues to hear his voice and that infectious laughter from a mile away. What can I say? Art keeps one young and youthful. Happy 80th Birthday Dr Oei ! ⁣Photo credit: Dr Oei. Correction: I have just been told that 150 artists is not a correct number. Participating artists number close to 300, over 17 exhibitions!!!⁣#indonesianart #artcollecting #artcollectorour Art Practice. 



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