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  • Patricia Chen

Screening at Indonesian Visual Art Archive Yogjakarta

It was great to be sharing China's Art Missionary, a short film on Uli Sigg, yesterday at Indonesian Visual Arts Archive (IVAA) in Yogjakarta. Questions centred on how the project came about in 2011, the criteria at which collectors are admitted into Leading Patrons of Asian Art series; Uli Sigg's own background in collecting before he collected Chinese art and his thinking for his part-donation, part-sale of his collection to M+. Questions were also asked of the fate of The 24-Hour Art Practice -- specifically, reasons behind cancellations of premieres in Singapore and Jakarta and considerations on future screening plans. I love it that the audience were all seated on the floor-- the wonderfully local and casual setting, and the open sharing made the session such a memorable one for me. Thanks to IVAA for hosting the screening and for all who made time to come !

Photo Credit : Wisnu Auri

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